Softwares and Datasets

The GAMMA research group has a variety of software and models available to download.

Algebraic and Geometric Software

Autonomous Driving

  • Behavior-Driven Traffic Simulator: A traffic simulation software based on SUMO that incorporates driver behavior
  • TrackNPred: Implementations of state-of-the-art tracking and trajectory prediction methods and tools to benchmark and evaluate them on real-world dense traffic datasets
  • TRAF: Dataset of dense and heterogeneous traffic videos, consisting of multiple camera viewpoints (front-facing/top-view), camera motions (moving/static), times of day, and agents (car, bus, truck, rickshaw, pedestrian, scooter, motorcycle)
  • METEOR: A new and complex traffic dataset for unstructured scenarios in India.

Cache-coherent Layout Computation

  • OpenCCL: Cache-coherent layouts of meshes and graphs

Cloth Simulation

  • I-Cloth: API for high-quality cloth simulation with CUDA

Collision Detection and Proximity Queries

  • DEEP: Dual-space expansion for estimating penetration depth
  • DEFORMCD: Collision detection for deforming objects
  • FCL: A fast collision library and its integration with ROS for use with robotic systems
  • MCCD: A library for multi-core collision detection
  • gProximity: Hierarchical GPU-based operations for collision and distance queries
  • PIVOT2D: Proximity information from Voronoi techniques
  • PQP: Fast proximity queries with swept sphere volumes
  • RAPID: Robust and accurate polygon interference detection
  • SELF-CCD: Continuous collision detection for deforming objects
  • BSC: Reliable continuous collision detection
  • SWIFT: Speedy walking via improved feature testing
  • SWIFT++: Speedy walking via improved feature testing for non-convex objects
  • V-COLLIDE: Accelerated collision detection for VRML

Crowd Simulation

  • India-Walk: Large Crowds Dataset captured in India
  • Menge: Crowd Simulation Framework

Emotion Classification

  • DeceptiveWalk: Dataset of 16-joint gaits representing deceptive and non-deceptive walking
  • GroupWalk: Dataset of walking crowd videos collected in eight real-world locations
  • TAEW: A semi-supervised method to detect one or more perceived emotions in gaits, between happy, sad, angry, and neutral
  • STEP: A method to both generate synthetic emotive gaits and classify emotive gaits into one of four emotions, happy, sad, angry, and neutral
  • Emotion-Gait: Dataset of 21-joint gaits annotated with four perceived emotions, happy, sad, angry, and neutral
  • EmotionWalk: Dataset of 16-joint gaits annotated with four perceived emotions, happy, sad, angry and neutral

GPGPU and Many-core Computing

  • GPUFFTW: High performance power-of-two fast Fourier transforms (FFT) using graphics processors
  • GPUSORT: High performance sorting using graphics processors
  • HAVOC3D: Fast distance field and Voronoi diagram computation using graphics hardware
  • LU-GPU: Efficient algorithms for solving dense linear systems on graphics hardware

Graphics Programming Libraries

  • GLVU: C++/OpenGL/GLUT-based viewer

High-DOF Grasping


Motion Planning for Single Robot or Multiple Robots/Agents

  • ITOMP Library: Realtime optimization based High-DOF planner for dynamic scenes
  • HRVO Library: Independent navigation of multiple robots or virtual agents using hybrid reciprocal velocity obstacles
  • RVO2 Library: Reciprocal collision avoidance for real-time multi-agent simulation
  • D-ORCA: Distributed Optimal Reciprocal Collision Avoidance

Physically-based Modeling, Simulation, and Animation

  • LumosQuad: Fast animation of lightning using an adaptive mesh

Audio Simulation and Speech Processing

Texture Encoding

  • GST: GPU-decodable Supercompressed Textures
  • FasTC: Fast Texture Compression

Video Manipulation

  • VideoSham: Video Manipulations Beyond Faces: A Dataset with Human-Machine Analysis