Locmotion in Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality locomotion centers around developing techniques to enable users to explore large virtual environments. Exploration can be done through various interfaces, such as teleportation, flying, or natural walking, each with their own pros and cons. Our group is currently focused on improving locomotion using interfaces that work using natural walking, due to its benefits to the user’s sense of presence in the virtual experience.


  • Pasumi: Pasumi is a library for simulating users walking in virtual environments while being steered in the physical environment using redirected walking.


Project Conference/Journal Year
ENI: Quantifying Environment Compatibility for Natural Walking in Virtual Reality IEEE VR 2022
Redirected Walking in Static and Dynamic Scenes Using Visibility Polygons TVCG (Proc. of IEEE ISMAR) 2021
ARC: Alignment-based Redirection Controller for Redirected Walking in Complex Environments TVCG (Proc. of IEEE VR) 2021