Scene-aware Far-field Automatic Speech Recognition


We propose a novel method for generating scene-aware training data for far-field automatic speech recognition. We use a deep learning-based estimator to non-intrusively compute the sub-band reverberation time of an environment from its speech samples. We model the acoustic characteristics of a scene with its reverberation time and represent it using a multivariate Gaussian distribution. We use this distribution to select acoustic impulse responses from a large real-world dataset for augmenting speech data. The speech recognition system trained on our scene-aware data consistently outperforms the system trained using many more random acoustic impulse responses on the REVERB and the AMI far-field benchmarks. In practice, we obtain 2.64% absolute improvement in word error rate compared with using training data of the same size with uniformly distributed reverberation times.


Scene-aware Far-field Automatic Speech Recognition , arxiv.
Zhenyu Tang, and Dinesh Manocha

      title={Scene-aware Far-field Automatic Speech Recognition}, 
      author={Zhenyu Tang and Dinesh Manocha},


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