Sound Synthesis and Propagation


Our previous work on sound synthesis and propagation can be found here. Below are our most recent research.

Project Conference/Journal Year
Scene2BIR: Material-aware learning-based binaural impulse response generator for reconstructed real-world 3D scenes arxiv 2023
MESH2IR: Neural Acoustic Impulse Response Generator for Complex 3D Scenes ACM Multimedia 2022
FAST-RIR: Fast neural diffuse room impulse response generator ICASSP 2022
NeuralSound: Learning-based Modal Sound Synthesis With Acoustic Transfer SIGGRAPH 2022
GWA: A Large Geometric-Wave Acoustic Dataset for Audio Processing SIGGRAPH 2022
Point-based Acoustic Scattering for Interactive Sound Propagation via Surface Encoding IJCAI 2021
Learning Acoustic Scattering Fields for Dynamic Interactive Sound Propagation IEEE VR 2021
Scene-Aware Audio Rendering via Deep Acoustic Analysis TVCG 2020