Classifying Driver Behaviors for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation


We present a novel approach to automatically identify driver behaviors from vehicle trajectories and use them for safe navigation of autonomous vehicles. We propose a novel set of features that can be easily extracted from car trajectories. We derive a data-driven mapping between these features and six driver behaviors using an elaborate web-based user study. We also compute a summarized score indicating a level of awareness that is needed while driving next to other vehicles. We also incorporate our algorithm into a vehicle navigation simulation system and demonstrate its benefits in terms of safer realtime navigation, while driving next to aggressive or dangerous drivers.


Classifying Driver Behaviors for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation, IROS 2018 (Workshop).
Ernest Cheung, Aniket Bera, Emily Kubin, Kurt Gray, and Dinesh Manocha

  title={Classifying Driver Behaviors for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation},
  author={Ernest Cheung and Aniket Bera and Emily Kubin and Kurt Gray and Dinesh Manocha},