Human Animation Placement


The human animation placement research direction aims to place 3D human animations into complex indoor 3D scenes such that interactions with the scene present in the animation are preserved. The current state-of-the-art in PACE is able to place long form animations into scenes while subtly adjusting these animations to better fit the unique features of the environment. This work has use cases in VR and AR, Game Design, and HRI as it allows users to place realistic looking humans into arbitrary environments. Future work should look into combining seperate motion-captured animations into one longer animation such that users could have an even longer form human motion that looks realistic.



Project Conference/Journal Year
Placing Human Animations into 3D Scenes by Learning Interaction- and Geometry-Driven Keyframes IEEE/CVF WACV 2023
PACE: Data-Driven Virtual Agent Interaction in Dense and Cluttered Environments IEEE TVCG 2023