Aerial Swarm Collision Avoidance


  • d-ORCA: Distributed Optimal Reciprocal Collision Avoidance, the first decentralized collision avoidance simulation package for quadrotor swarms. Users of the package can simulate a swarm of up to 50 quadrotors which can avoid collisions with each other and with static obstacles in a known environment, and easily add and test their own perception or global path planning code with the package.


Project Conference/Journal Year
3D-OGSE: Probabilistically Complete Online Safe and Smooth Trajectory Generation using Generalized Shape Expansion in Unknown 3-D Environments Under Review 2021
SwarmCCO: Probabilistic Reactive Collision Avoidance for Quadrotor Swarms under Uncertainty RA-L 2021
DCAD: Decentralized Collision Avoidance With Dynamics Constraints for Agile Quadrotor Swarms RA-L 2020
LSwarm: Efficient Collision Avoidance for Large Swarms With Coverage Constraints in Complex Urban Scenes RA-L 2019