New Formulation of Mixed-Integer Conic Programming for Globally Optimal Grasp Planning


We present a two-level branch-and-bound (BB) algorithm to compute the optimal gripper pose that maximizes a grasp metric in a restricted search space. Our method can take the gripper’s kinematics feasibility into consideration to ensure that a given gripper can reach the set of grasp points without collisions or predict infeasibility with finite-time termination when no pose exists for a given set of grasp points. Our main technical contribution is a novel mixed-integer conic programming (MICP) formulation for the inverse kinematics of the gripper that uses a small number of binary variables and tightened constraints, which can be efficiently solved via a low-level BB algorithm. Our experiments show that optimal gripper poses for various target objects can be computed taking 20-180 minutes of computation on a desktop machine and the computed grasp quality, in terms of the Q1 metric, is better than those generated using samplingbased planners.

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2020