Time‚ÄźDomain Parallelization for Accelerating Cloth Simulation


Cloth simulations, widely used in computer animation and apparel design, can be computationally expensive for real-time applications. Some parallelization techniques have been proposed for visual simulation of cloth using CPU or GPU clusters and often rely on parallelization using spatial domain decomposition techniques that have a large communication overhead. In this paper, we propose a novel time-domain parallelization technique that makes use of the two-level mesh representation to resolve the time-dependency issue and develop a practical algorithm to smooth the state transition from the corresponding coarse to fine meshes. A load estimation and a load balancing technique used in online partitioning are also proposed to maximize the performance acceleration. Our method achieves a nearly linear performance scaling on manycore clusters and outperforms spatial-domain parallelization on a diverse set of benchmarks.

Symposium on Computer Animation