Dinesh Manocha Named to 2019 SIGGRAPH Academy

Dinesh Manocha has been named to the 2019 SIGGRAPH Academy.

The SIGGRAPH Academy, established last year, recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to computer graphics and interactive techniques. Only eight researches were selected this year.

Criteria for election to the Academy includes: cumulative contributions to the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques; impact on the field through development of new research directions and/or innovations; and influence on the work of others.

Manocha was specifically noted for his contributions to geometric modeling, GPU computing, interactive rendering of large complex scenes, and interactive sound simulation.

Manocha and his colleague in UMIACS as well as co-recipient of this honor, Hanan Samet, will be formally inducted into the Academy at SIGGRAPH2019, to be held from July 28 to August 1 in Los Angeles, California.

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